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The Evolution of GardenSoft

Gerry Kiffe, founder of Acacia Software, created PlantMaster, a plant database, in 1986. He sold the first copy of PlantMaster at a trade show in 1989. Gerry improved the database (it’s always a work in progress) steadily until 2000. His background as a landscape contractor led to a unique software program that was practical for other contractors, landscape architects and designers. Until PlantMaster was born, most plant databases were targeted for the academic world.

Quercus lobata - Oak Tree

Quercus lobata
California White Oak

In 1998, Gerry met Mark Chilcott, a software engineer. Together they created a new company, GardenSoft. Mark redesigned PlantMaster and took it to a new level of user friendliness and practicality. They also introduced a companion product GardenWorks.

Gerry and Mark saw the need for water conservation in the typical landscape. They created many websites with examples of water-efficient landscapes, partnering with water districts and municipalities.

GardenSoft helps the homeowner who is looking for:

Water Fountain

Water Features

Our web site is for the virtual traveler: stroll through creative gardens which will trigger ideas for YOUR front yard, patio, balcony, parking strip, front porch, patio, vegetable garden, walkway and back yard.

Our web site is also for the professional landscaper, designer and architect needing to use a plant search; share your creative gardens with the internet world through GardenSoft.


Ceanothus Concha

Ceanothus 'Concha'
Concha California Lilac

Some of the friendly folks at GardenSoft

Anne Chilcott

Anne Chilcott
Director of Operations

Mark Chilcott

Mark Chilcott